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Sutil: Hamilton is a coward, changed phone number

Adrian Sutil had some harsh words for his (former?) friend Lewis Hamilton after Sutil’s appearance in a Munich court.

The German lashed out in Germany’s Bild am Sonntag, calling the McLaren driver a coward and “not even a man.” The harsh words come after Sutil’s suspended 18-month sentence and EUR 200,000 fine. Sutil had called Hamilton to testify in the case, but because of Hamilton’s prior commitments to McLaren’s launch of the MP4-27, Hamilton was unable to attend.

With Hamilton’s absence, the German had no official witnesses in the trial against him. Sutil indicated he felt Hamilton’s testimony would have cleared himself of any wrongdoing in the nightclub fight that left Lotus co-owner Eric Lux badly cut.

Sutil took Hamilton’s absence personally. “Lewis is a coward, I do not want to be friends with someone like that,” Sutil said. “(Hamilton’s) father sent me a text message written and wished me luck for the process” but that was all the help that came from the Hamiltons, said the former Force India driver. Sutil alleges Hamilton took another step to ensure the German’s legal troubles could not bother the 2008 World Champion: he changed his phone number. “(Hamilton) has changed his phone number. I could not reach him anymore,” Sutil said.

The legal troubles have left Sutil’s career and reputation badly damaged. Sutil’s manager said a 2012 F1 seat is now “almost impossible.” But, his manager said, the FIA allowing Sutil to keep his super license has helped the German’s confidence.


McLaren Unveils MP4-27

The Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes F1 Team unveiled their 2012 car early Wednesday morning.

The Mp4-27 continues on an evolutionary basis from last year’s car, aesthetically.  Unlike the majority of the F1 field, McLaren opted away from the so-called “bumped” nose design and kept with a traditional look. Despite looking largely similar to last year’s car, McLaren’s Jenson Button told’s Adam Cooper that the overall package vastly differs from last year’s.

“It may look like a direct evolution of last year’s car, but we’ve analyzed every area of performance over the winter,” Button proclaimed. “The whole car has benefited from lots of fresh thinking and new ideas in every area,” he added. Button said with last year’s rules remaining largely stable carrying over into 2012 McLaren was able to focus on their 2012 car relatively early. “I still think we had a very fast package last year – it was very strong in certain areas – and our race pace was almost always fantastic,” said Button. “But we’re hoping for a further step forwards in 2012.”

Button’s teammate, Lewis Hamilton, echoed those sentiments. “I’ve been keenly following the development of MP4-27 over the winter and I’ve been really encouraged by the results and the data that the engineers have been showing me … Jenson and I won six races with MP4-26 last year and I think we’ve been able to retain all the strengths and the reliability of that design while also incorporating lots of improvements and new ideas into the new car,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton did express some minor concerns about a loss in downforce with 2012’s new exhaust regulations. “The biggest changes for 2012 are the modifications to the exhaust regulations – that will reduce the downforce and grip that we had last year,” cautioned Hamilton. Despite the new regulations, Hamilton has faith in his engineers at McLaren. “It just puts the emphasis on the designers to try and claw some of that back in other areas.”

The Formula One teams will begin showcasing their new cars’ abilities next week in Spain for pre-season testing. Button has the privilege to drive the MP4-27 first. “I know that everyone will be watching us very closely to see what progress we make during the preseason tests, but I genuinely believe we have every reason to feel optimistic about the progress we’ve made and our competitiveness this year,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel in Spain next week.”

Keeping in line with Brake Glow‘s strict anti-piracy guidelines, photos of the the MP4-27 may be found here.

Raikonnen Wraps Initial Lotus Test, Hamilton Declines Shanghai Court

Raikonnen Finishes First Test with Lotus: 2007 F-1 World Champion, Kimi Raikonnen, ended his two day test Valencia today following a two year hiatus. Raikkonen conducted the test in the 2010 Lotus-Renault fitted with Pirelli demonstration tires to conform to the current testing restrictions in Formula One. The test was merely focused on allowing to Raikonnen to get reacquainted with a F-1 car. The Finn acknowledged getting back up to full speed will take some time, “it takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but the main bits of driving – braking, turning, the normal things – it doesn’t take many laps,” he said to Sky Sports News. But, he added, “learning about the car, the team and the tires will take time.”

Hamilton Unable to Make Court Appearance: Speaking of Lotus, following the bar fight between team executive, Eric Lux, and Force India driver Adrian Sutil, a court date had been seen for Hamilton to give his eye witness testimony about the events of the evening. The date, however, immediately preempts the launch of McLaren’s 2012 car. Hamilton, as a result, is unable to make the January 30th court date. Court officials in Shanghai will allow Hamilton to excuse himself from providing testimony or may reschedule the hearing.